DSK Trade Mark - Apollo Lunar Module

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Landing on the moon was a big inspiration for toymakers in the late 1960`s. A small Japanese toymaker DSK (Daishin Kogyo) produced this wonderfull, filled with actions, spacetoy in the late 1960`s (1969) This spacetoy is again a wonderfull combination of lithographed tin combined with plastic parts and I am sure it gave kids a lot of playhours with amazing actions. There is mystery bump&go action,  there are blinking lights all over the spaceship, spacenoise and a BIG revolving antenna. 

Apollo Lunar Module is much searched for and pretty common and available, but is mostly missing the original revolving antenna. Not easy to find in original box with all the four red plastic legs and original antenna. 

However, this Module comes complete with ALL original parts and original box. The toy has never been played with and is in new / mint condition Its in new/mint condition with all functions working. There i no rust, no dings and the battery compartment is clean. The box is original and also in mint condition. 

Common toy but hard to find in original box and all the plastic parts, legs, trusters and antenna.