Modern Toys - Space Sight Seeing Bus

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This friction powered little spacebus was build in the early 1960`s (when I am right its 1964 but I am not sure about the exact date) by Masudaya (Modern Toys) in Japan. The actions are moving forward with 2 lighted domes ( red and green ) by sparkles.

Modern Toys Space Sight Seeing Bus has been for sure a handy bus while exploring outerspace :) The condtion of this bus is very good. The friction is working but a new flint is needed to have it sparkle again. The Bus has been played with but still shows the rare white artwork. The dome is pretty clear and has no cracks but some wear from playing. Also the bus itself has some wear and scratches from playing during the years but is rustfree. Still the condition is very good for such an old spacetoy that is still in its original state. There is no box for this toy,sorry.

I never saw this little bus before so I assume it had a low survivalrate. A rare friction powered spacetoy that you wont see much around.