Daiya - Space Conqueror

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Daiya - Space Conqueror

Made in Japan in the sixties by Daiya ( for Rosko ) This Astronaut Space Conqueror is a rarely seen robot in the scene. It walks around with a rotating antenna. Suddenly he stops and he raises his BIG Gun and starts to fire it at will with a loud Ra-ta-ta sound and red flashing lights. Then he lowers his gun again and moves on to the next victim. There are 3 versions known of this Conqueror: one in blue, red and green of which the green version is the most scarce one.

And yes again, this robot comes straight from Italy. This time a good friend of mine contacted me and told me about this robot and a flying saucer. It had been a very long while since I had this robot with original box so i decided to buy it along with the flying saucer.

Well, as with all old robots there is of course something to mention... First the flaws, than we are done with those :-)  The antenna is a professional reproduction, the original box has a tear with old taping to one of the sidepanels and there is some minor corrosion on the inside of the batterydoor.

It looks like the robot with the box laid in a very moist enviroment. the bottom of the box shows serious remains of "waterconsumption "
It looks like the robot was inside the box when it suffered from moist and that causes some minor corrosion to the inside of the batterycover.

Well, so far the flaws... what else is to tell about this robot.
Its for sure the BEST example of a blue conqueror I have ever seen. The robot really looks like it has never been played with.. or at least very very little.. bright litho, almost free of scratches, perfect, really flawless dome, and the robot works like NEW !... fantastic example that you will have a hard job on to upgrade.  The box is really excellent. all original and complete. Also for the box, I can not remember i ever had such a nice box for this robot... besides the tear, its a fantastic box !

I forgot to mention.. Space conqueror was made in japan by Daiya in the early sixties.. hard to find robot with original box in working condition.
You will be happy with this example... Scarce combination !

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