Yoshiya - Bump`n Go Space Explorer

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This cute crank windup tank was made in the mid 1960`s in Japan by the mighty KO ( Yoshiya ) Factory. It has some really nice actions for a windup toy. First it comes with mystery bump&go action, the driver, astronaut moves forward and back in his seat to keep the tank in control and the pistons of the engine in the back move in and out. Very nice and complete actions for a crank windup tin toy.

Yoshiya bump`n go Space Explorer is in excellent working condition and has only some light playwear. No rust, no dings and only very minor scratches. The dome has also some light playwear but is clear and has no cracks. The original antenna is present. There is no box, sorry. It works perfect with all the actions.

Though not an uncommon spacetoy, this tiny tank does not show up very often in complete and working condition.