Yoshiya - Super Sonic Space Rocket

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I considered myself very lucky when I found this new / mint example of Yoshiya`s Super Sonic Space Rocket in its original box with inserts. It was on my wishlist for years but I was never able to find a mint working example of this terrific spacetoy. For me its an example of TOP Japaneese creative thinking.... A space rocket as it is meant to be :) It came from a very small toyshop in australia where it was stored and forgotten for many many years.

Yoshiya Super Sonic Space Rocket features non-stop mystery bump&go action, flashing taillights and a rotary lighted engine and spacesound. On top of the ship is a small tiny cockpit with a vinylheaded astronaut. The outstanding artwork on the mint original box is GREAT and a piece of art by itself as is the litho on the rocket. Even the wheels have lithographed covers !!

This Spacerocket is new and has never been played with. Its in new / mint condition and comes with its original box with all the inserts. Also the box is in mint condition.
Yoshiya`s Super Sonic Spacerocket is a hard to find spacetoy in ANY condition, so imagine you could own this new example of this great spacetoy. Rare and almost impossible to find in new/mint condition.

CFP: Contact me For Price     at     boogo.nl@gmail.com